A technology consultancy, with a heart? You tell us.

We do a lot of volunteer work, which we fund by consulting for- and with who we deem to be world leaders in their fields.

Our in-house expertise is centered around computer network software and infrastructure, low cost urban- and rural telecommunications in South Africa, entrepreneurship, accounting software, and project management.

We also try to bring together academia, government and business around civil society in an ongoing process of learning and sharing between all parties.

We live in an exciting age and we have more building blocks on the table than ever. This leads to a catch-22: Things are getting "easier", but it is getting harder to find the "good / best / easy" solutions. The definition of best is different for each context and timeline. You could say that little has changed, or that a lot has changed, or that things are getting easier, or that things are getting harder - all of it would be true. Things are getting easier- and harder - the distinguishing factor is your ability to connect the dots.

At Wish, we consult widely, in order to improve our ability to distinguish between a means and an end, and to find the balance in that which applies to you, so that you sketch your own roadmap.

If you would like to invite us to work alongside you for a while to facilitate this process, please reach out.